Sleeping in the lemon grove

Stay in one of our houses, inside the lemon grove intoxicated by the scent of lemons and relax among the wonders of nature . During your stay you can experience our lemon tour, visit the lemon grove that extends in height in the various terraces , learn the secrets of the yellow gold and the […]

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Amalfi Coast Tour

Breathtaking views, quaint villages, unusual beaches. Live an unforgettable experience to discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast by scooter, boat or with specialized guides. To better organize the tour we help you select: – Motorcycle and scooter rental – Boat rental with skipper – Expert guides For more information and reservations: info@poggioangelarosa.com

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Wine tasting among the Poggio ruins

Wine tasting of Campania wines from our winery, once an ancient cistern for collecting rainwater, completely recovered, today it is the winery where we store our selection of excellent local wines. Walking inside Poggio Angelarosa you can also see the ruins of an old rock church, admire the fantastic lemon grove and discover cultivation and […]

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