Events in our lemon garden

Events in our lemon garden


The lemon groves of the Amalfi Coast have a unique charm: they tells a story of a land and its economic development created with difficulty and the ingenuity of local peasants and craftsmen, becoming an unique example in the world, recognized by UNESCO.

The agricultural terraces, that grow in height and design the mountain sides, create a breathtaking atmosphere. Every detail here has its own peculiarity that succeed to convey unique sensations. For this reason our garden, which extends over 2000 meters between lemon groves, orchards and walks among historical ruins, is so precious and loved by those lucky enough to discover it.

Come and discover it with our lemon tour, but also choosing Poggio Angelarosa as perfect location for your private events. It will be the ideal place to spend happy hours and to make unique your special moments. Outside the villa, a dining area is set up for cerimonies and cooking class. You can enjoy our gardens, equipped by tables and chairs, barbecue areas, solarium with showers and deck chairs, and our furnished cellar. You can walk through ancient paths that high up into the mountains, where you will see ancient ruins.

Poggio Angelarosa welcomes you in all its splendor ad a terrace with a unique view over the wonderful landscape of the Amalfi Coast.

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