Lemon tour

Have you ever seen a lemon grove, typical of the Amalfi Coast? Here you are our Lemon tour!

Join us and discover our lush garden that grow vertically, for a height of six floors of agricultural terraces. Walkint through lemon trees you will enjoy their smell, admiring the natural wonder which surround you.

In the shade of the lemon trees, you will enjoy a unique landscape, which has no equals in the world, and you will understand the true essence of this land and what makes it so special in the international arena: its immense beauty and its speciality, the Amalfi Lemon, its yellow gold.

The tour continues entering the Poggio Angelarosa,  recently renovated, an exclusive corner of the Divine Coast where you can admire old ruines. Here in the garden stood a medieval rock church, on whose foundations the new building was built. The traces of this ancient site are still visible in some niches, where following the excavations the perimeter walls of rooms used for storing goods were found.  The room where the winery is currently located was an ancient cistern for collecting rainwater.
All these wonders of antiquity set in a corner of paradise will penetrate your soul, offering you an unrepeatable experience.

The lemon tour includes:

– Tour of the lemon grove, which is spread over 6 terraces

– Tasting of our products

For more information and reservations: info@poggioangelarosa.com