The secret of the yellow gold

The Amalfi lemon has always been the driving force behind the economy of the Amalfi Coast. Here the farmers over the centuries have carved the sides of the mountains

building a microcosm in order to cultivate the Sfusato, the typical lemon of the Amalfi Coast.

The characteristic of the lemon grove of the Amalfi Coast is the exploitation in height of the terraces of land,  that rise on natural rock, contained in the typical and unique macerated walls. These are specifically dry-built walls with the technique of positioning stones one above the other, without using mortar or cement.

The beauty and peculiarity of macerine is given by the precision of the laborers in choosing and cutting stones necessary for the construction of the maceration. The beauty, uniqueness and working ability of local artisans has determined that UNESCO declared its exclusivity to the territory of the of the Amalfi Coast.


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